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Guest Artist Series - Hunting Card

I always think of my uncles all getting together and going out hunting around Thanksgiving. This card was a stamp set I hadn't thought twice about until I saw how DeAnn had used it! I like how she cut out the rack on the deer and popped it out. She also stamped in Nutmeg and colored it in with the pencils, and that is a great look, and the photo doesn't really do it justice, but she used the shimmer pen to "activate" the watercolor pencils so the artwork looks glittery and hand-drawn, it's a great look. I'm also going to have to remember to use the triangles to use up some scraps of paper, too, that's a fun look on a card. :)

Hunting Card






I recently participated in a card swap with some very talented Close to My Heart consultants, and I was blown away by the creativity that they displayed! I wanted to share some of their art and give some inspiration and a head start on how they created some of the art. I know that the end of the year gets full of different holiday crafts, but they are truly worth a look and I hope that they serve as some inspiration for your day!

Since there are so many beautiful cards, I thought that I'd try and post as many as possible throughout the month. So keep checking back to see more! I've included links to where you can find the stamps and supplies that were used to create some of the cards if you want to create them on your own, or consider contacting me to attend a "Card Buffet" - a short workshop where you can, for a small fee, pick and choose as many or as few cards you would like to create.

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