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November 27, 2019



 This is the time of year that gets really hectic for me - so I thought I'd do a little relaxing coloring!  


Close to my Heart has just come out with these adorable pet stamps, and I wanted to figure out the shading and coloring for the puppies.  The stamp set is CC11195 Eat Play Love -  and the first stamp I did was the littlest puppy.  


I wanted to try out a few of the brown colors to see what works best with each dog - a friend of mine has a gorgeous lab puppy, so I was inspired!  I wanted to try and match the three different colors for labs, so I found this online calendar to use as a reference, to try and match for the colors.  


I really liked the cutest littlest dog and I thought it'd be easiest to do that one first.  I'm not sure if that one is a specific kind of dog, but I thought I'd give it a try. 


So for the Golden, I used the Gold Brown Triblend Marker from Spectrum Noir.  On each marker, there are three different tones, on the Gold Brown there is 1, 3 & 5.  So I abbreviate them "GB" for Gold Brown, the same abbreviation is usually on the side of the marker as well.  


 First, I colored the whole pup in GB1 and while it was still wet, I went in and added in some shadowing, I added in GB3 under the head, at the bottom by his feet, and then created some shadowing in between the pup's legs to more define the legs.  I also colored the tail with GB3, and then colored in the rest of the coat with the middle color as well.  Then I let it dry for a few minutes, and then went for the GB5 and put smaller shadows in for the deepest color. 


For each of the pups, I followed the same coloring pattern, using the light, middle and dark for the shading, but I used different markers.  So for the middle brown pup, I used Tan Triblend Marker and for the chocolate/black lab, I used Earth Brown Triblend Marker. 


For the stamps, I really did a close snap of the coloring, so you could get an idea of what they looked like, but the stamp is the smallest one, but it is soooo cute!  I can't wait to show you some of my cards that I've made with it!  If you want your own stamp set, I think it is in the CTMH idea book until the end of the year, or until it sells out!  Keep an eye out for part two, where I try to match different puppies, but if you have an idea on a dog you would like me to try and match, email me a photo of the doggo, and we'll give it a go! 


Thanks & Happy Crafting!  



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