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October Surprise

I really hit the ground running in October - I can't believe half the month is gone! I was really excited at the beginning of the month to be playing around with the Halloween thin cuts to make some fun cards and holiday crafts - I really love the thin cuts, they are really easy to get something beautiful, usually out of scraps from other projects.

A work friend's birthday at the beginning of the month took up a bunch of my crafting time - we went all out and decorated her office for her milestone birthday.

I made this fun wreath - the flowers are from the CTMH Flower Market cricut cartridge. I wrapped a styrofoam ring in a wide burlap ribbon and the black & bright pink flowers were cut out to match the other stuff, and after I glued the flowers together, I pushed a straight pin thru the center of the flowers and then glued a circle with 40 in the center. The wording was cut out with the cricut & taped together around black twine.

The banner on the inside is the reverse of the wording on the wreath, and the balloons really tied everything together. We ordered the 40 from amazon and took them in to the dollar store near our office and they filled them for a small fee - I didn't know they would do that, but they did.

The other surprise in October is that the Close to my Heart Australia convention was held and they announced so many new products! I am really looking forward to the new planners (see an update on the planner page) and the new thin cuts. These thin cuts are different than others that have been announced, they match up with already released stamps!

Thin cuts are dies that you run thru an embossing machine, like a cuttlebug, and it cuts out the paper. I love using up my left-over scraps with thin cuts - sometimes, when I'm looking for something mindless, I'll cut out a bunch out of scrap paper and put all the blanks in a container, then later when I have some time, I'll stamp a bunch out. I don't always have alot of extra time, so I really like that I can break up my time into smaller chunks - and I feel like there's a more immediate gratification. Plus I really like having a supply of embellishments ready to go, and when I'm sitting down making a card or a layout, I really like just grabbing it and not having to interrupt the flow of creativity! :)

Anyways, all that to say that they are coming out with a few new thin cuts for stamps I already have - so I'm super excited about that.

To the left is the stamp of the month - if you spend $50 you'll get the opportunity to purchase the stamp set of the month (to the left) for only $5 - I'm going to be using the stamps for some great cards. I'm planning on doing a bunch of embossing - I think this stamp set will look great in gold on a dark background - I can't wait to try it!

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