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A peek at the new bi-monthly CTMH catalog

CTMH has been releasing a new catalog every other month so that the freshest crafts and bling is out in the world! This has been a fun way to see new products and get excited about all new options – so here’s a few of my favorites from the January-February 2021 Catalog!

This catalog really hit several homeruns for me, I was looking at it and trying to decide what my favorite one thing was, and I had to narrow it down to my top three, since I couldn't pick just one! Check back later since I'll feature a few different things from the catalog so you can see what they look like!


Penguins – I have a silly joke with my Dad about penguins from when I was a kid – I was reading a joke book and it kept having the same setup (what’s Black, White & Red all over) and the punchlines were like "a penguin reading a newspaper" and I totally didn’t get it, although I’m sure I told him the joke at least a million times.

So I know I need to get this stamp set – and it’s so adorable - check out the slimline (see more below about that) shaker card they made in the catalog, so I'm definitely going to have to try and make something similar! The stamps come alone or with a thin cut to cut out all the penguins, so that you don't have to worry about fussy-cutting them out individually. :) And the sentiments are pretty funny too.

Scrabble tiles – I love love love those cute scrabble setups where it’s got everyone in the family with their names intersecting, but I don’t have enough wall space in my little house to do that, so I’m definitely going to try that in a card or on a scrapbook layout. I’m so excited for the potential with these stamps! I'm stocking up on some Almond cardstock, and I plan on stamping the wood grain in Almond on the cardstock so it'll be a subtle touch. This set also comes with optional thin cuts, and it comes with 3 so you can do multiples at the same time (my arm and my cuttlebug think that's a great idea... )

Slimlines – I feel like shouting with glee with these! Not only has CTMH introduced a slimline card base & envelope pack (YES! - $9.95 for 20) but there are some gorgeous thin cuts (check out the diagonal stripe backgroundYES!) or the Pennant Thin Cuts (YES!) and the thing that everyone needs: slimline sentiment stamps (YES!)

So most cards are usually made the A2 notecard size (4.25” x 5.5”) or a A7 greeting card (5” x 7”) but the slimline cards are usually 3.5” x 8.5” and fit in a #9 business envelope. I’m so excited for these! It’s a different size so you need to think about how things fit together since the spacing is so different than the normal notecard/greeting card size.

You can use your typical stamp sentiments on slimline cards, but these are sized a little larger and a little more lined up or thinner so that they will look great on slimlines!

I can’t wait to show ya’ll my different projects using these new favorites of mine!


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