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Celebrate Paper crafting Month!

Happy National Paper Crafting Month! To celebrate, CTMH has created a lovely piece of home decor - it's something that's nice enough to leave on display all year long, and if you are at home, it's a fun thing to swap out to celebrate life's little moments! So each frame spells out HOME and comes with a bunch of different circles so you can replace the circle with various holiday accents. The secret is the magnet that's placed under the O and each circle has a magnet that'll meet up for an easy swap to update the frame whenever you want.

The kit comes with a bunch of die-cuts and punch out paper options so you can customize it to match your own decor. Plus if you celebrate other holidays that may not be featured, you can make your own! And folks who are more crafty can do more advanced techniques or if you prefer something a little less complicated, you can scale it down to the level you feel comfortable with.

I like celebrating life's little events, so I've been looking at the kit - but I may add in a national chocolate day or dill pickle day and skip the sports themed options. But that's the beauty of the kit - you can personalize it to your tastes. I do really like the black frame tho, it really reminds me of the frame around the peep hole on Friends! :)

Let me know if you have any questions - I think the kit is only available for January & February (so we're celebrating Paper crafting month for two months, just as it should be!) and the price really depends on the various options that you choose to go with it.



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