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Happy Valentine's Day!

One thing I've learned over the last year is that when you are sticking close to home, the little holidays really break up the year! I've been looking on the calendar for upcoming holidays and I learned that (of course) 2021 has a doozy of a surprise weekend: Valentine's Day, President's Day and Lundi/Mardi Gras all in the same week!

In New Orleans, Lundi & Mardi Gras are BIG events. Even in a year like this where the parades are all cancelled, folks have been decorating their house exteriors (they're calling it the "Krewe of House Floats"). In my family, President's Day is also a great holiday because my little brother was married on President's Day (they figured they would always have the weekend off to celebrate) and my newest Sister-in-Law's birthday is a day or so earlier.

So throw Valentine's on top of that and it all gets super busy super quick, so my intention was to start Valentine's early! So much for good intentions! :)

So Close to My Heart has a Valentine's Bundle called "Perfect Match" - there's a stamp set, and papers with coordinating cardstock and super cute shaker hearts that are a foamy cushiony sort of thing and I'm glad I waited 'cuz CTMH has come up with a couple few designs for cards & lolly holders that will work perfectly for valentine's day. They are having a free Facebook Live workshop event on Feb 3 & another on Feb 4. One is designed for a children's craft (the lollipop holders) and the other is intended for adult crafters.

Even if you can't go at 3:00 in the afternoon, I really suggest signing up for it so that you can watch the replay at your leisure. It should be interesting!


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