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New Pocket Cards Available

Pocket Cards are a fun pre-designed product that you can use in a couple of different ways. The CTMH pocket cards usually come in two different sizes: 3" x 4" and 4" x 6."

I think that usually most folks like to use them to spice up their scrapbooks or to create a "pocket" scrapbook. So that's where there's a bunch of different sized "pockets" where you can pop in memorabilia or photos or these cards or other small pieces of art. The idea is that it takes less time to put everything together and it looks different than a traditional scrapbook does.

But over time, so many folks have come up with other great ideas on how to use the cards in different ways, that I think they're becoming a great way to add in some visual interest to a ton of different products.

For most of the monthly paper releases CTMH has released pocket cards that are designed to go along with the paper pack, however, in the Core Catalog that is available all year long, there weren't any pocket cards to go along with those long term paper packets. So these packs are designed to coordinate with those papers and are available as an exclusive item for a limited time. If you decide to purchase the pocket cards, there is a bundle available with a 15% discount for purchasing both sets at the same time. Here's a neat video they made so you can see that the cards have designs on both sides in case you want to use both sides in a pocket album. These are only going to be available until March 31 or while supplies last.

Find out more on my online store here or check out this cool video:


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