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Slimline Special

I am so excited to share with you the slimline special! In honor of National Stamping Month (otherwise known as September!) CTMH has created this adorable set specifically made for the so-very-popular slimlines.

A slimline is 8-1/2" x 3-1/2" and fits in a standard business envelope, like a #9 envelope and typically requires only the one stamp (if, however, you like to add on layer upon layer upon layer upon beautiful layer... that *might* change the weight of the card, but still probably not too likely).

I really love slimlines because it is a completely different canvas. You have to think about the space differently - and one of the things that I'm loving is the new sentiment set that is available.

So the sentiments are a larger investment because they are a double set - so they have one page that's all sideways sentiments - so if you make the card one way, they work horizontally. Which is fun, because I like making a couple of fun fold slimline cards that are horizontal and it feels weird having a tiny little sentiment inside when these will fill up more space and look impressive.

Also included in the set are a bunch of vertical sentiments which are pretty cute. These are pretty versatile because they will also fit in A2 cards as long as you don't mind an unusual placement. So I think I'll be reaching for these sentiments ALOT.


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