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Updates and updates

Dear Crafty Friends: I hope this finds you well, cool and safe, I know that many in our area have been affected by Hurricane Ida. I hope that you and your family and friends are safe during this difficult time. I was extremely lucky - there's some damage to my house, but it's fixable. Everyone in my family is safe. There's no power, but so many wonderful people are working to restore it and make the city habitable again.

It's in the hardest times that we see the greatness in all those who are willing to step in and help out in any small way they can. And that small offering of help can sometimes be the largest gift to someone else, without the giver ever knowing what it meant.

My little family is safe - Hurricane Ida came up the west side of the city, and we lost power and just some things that are fixable. And we count ourselves so lucky - we are safe, and just looking around our neighborhood at the damage, it could have easily been so much worse and it was for some of our neighbors. We have a small generator, but felt that with the heat rising, gas shortages and the power out, it was better to go to the hotel room a scant 5 hours away for the short term. I know our city will be back - with so many people helping out with their own special gifts in every way they can, there's no way it won't be back and better than ever.

This is not how I expected this week to go, I know no one can plan for anything like this, but, oh, dear reader, I had plans! I was so excited for the next catalog - I have been working on a surprise - I've been spent much of the last month creating some great art pieces and cards, photographing them and creating various posts. I set them to automatically update here, on facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter throughout the next month.

I hope these posts give you a brief moment of delight in the next month, while there is so much work is to be done. I hope you consider it my small gift to you and you enjoy the art and it inspires you!



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