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Hello August!

August is such an exciting month - so much is going on! CTMH is premiering their new catalog - so much great new things to work and play with! I'm having a kick-off "Open House" to celebrate on August 13 with prizes and goodie bags, so please let me know if you'd like to attend.

Also this month, I'm starting up the kits and gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, so keep an eye out for more information about all that coming soon to the website. I plan on having a year-long project, so it'll be done in small pieces that will be perfect for anyone who is busy and has only a few minutes to devote to crafting - but all together it will make a complete project! This year, my focus is on Crafting 101 - everything is going to be at a beginner's crafter's level - I know I get super frustrated when I see all these beautiful creations and I want to make something similar but it gets confusing on how to make these projects. My monthly card club is going to be all about the basics & how to get started.

August is also my birthday month (yes, I think I should celebrate all month long!) so there's all sorts of goodies going on the blog this month! My husband's birthday is two weeks after mine, so we always try to celebrate together - so that's always fun. This year is a big one for him, so I've been trying to decide how best to celebrate.

The image above is from the NEW ctmh cricut cartridge called "Flower Market" and it's adorably cute - I've been playing around with the files - there are both 2-d and 3-d flowers on the cartridge and some beautiful projects that can be made! Cricut announced a new update to the iphone and ipad apps - and it's a great update. Not only have they made it so that you can download files and projects to your phone and work offline, but I'm super excited for the new "Snap Mat" feature. I always want to cut certain designs in different places on the paper and trying to figure out how to fake it to trick the cricut into cutting there has always been a hurdle to figure out. Well now you can take a picture of your actual mat and have it cut in certain spots. I'm really in love with this new feature & can't wait to show you more about it!

Watercolors & #Planners gonna plan! I'm working on incorporating more memory-keeping into my planner, so stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on that. I feel lost when I forget my planner at home, but now that it's August and half the year has gone by, my planner is getting pretty full. I'm using my cricut to cut out some vinyl to spruce it up and I've got a couple of ideas and hints on how to manage the planner!

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