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Happy New Year - Hello New Planner!

One of the things I love about the new year is the chance to set up my planner for the year! This year I wanted to try out the "Memory Planner" concept. Folks use the planner to record memories and reflect on memory keeping.

One of my challenges is that no matter how I try, it's hard for me to remember to get cards in the mail in time. My grandmother Elida was awesome at it, and I always got a card from her either the day before or on the actual holiday. My dad told me that she used to send him a Happy Anniversary card a week ahead of time so that he would remember when Anniversary actually was and celebrate it. She just loved sending out Happy Mail to us all, and I'm trying better to emulate her and her thoughtfulness!

So my planner for this year incorporates a handy pocket that has the reminders of who's birthday or anniversary is in that month. I hope to premake cards and then stick them, and an envelope, in the pocket so that it'll be an easy way to remember to fill them out and pop them in the mail. Gretchen Rubin (the author) says that if it you make it easy to do, you are more likely to do it - so if you want to start a new habit, make it easy to do and it'll be easier to keep doing it!

I should have the tutorial finished soon. I've put up links to the cricut design space files and the full tutorial on the page. I hope this helps you get your own memory planner done! My younger brother got married last year, and since our family is far-flung I love being reminded every day of that time we were all able to get together and celebrate.

After the month has come (and the cards mailed out) I plan on using the pockets for extra papers, stickers, ephemera and slips and reminders of what happened this year.

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