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I made this fun card using a new stamp set out of the new Seasonal catalog from Close to my Heart - and I wanted to show you how I did it. It's a deceptively fun card - the popcorn container is hinged on one side, and the popcorn slides out to reveal a message!

I used the new Central Park paper in the background - it's neat because it's colorful splash of color in the background feels like movie stuff going on.

The stamp set is called "Movie Night" and is a really nice stamp set. I think it's originally meant more for scrapbooking a night out at the movies, but it works really well for this card.

My original thought was to use the opposite side of the paper, because it's a nice blue color, and it would feel like night, but I really like how cheerful and bright the opposite side was, but whatever suits your liking - I think both would work!

On the "popcorn" part of the card, I printed the sentiment and the invite. It would be fun, if these were invites for a child's party, to put a small picture of the birthday kid in this spot instead and put something like "pop on over" but since this was for something different, I used my cricut's writing feature to put the wording on the inside of the popcorn.

I also used Saffron ink to stamp the little popcorn kernels and then I used the various yellow Central Park Sequins so it would have some dimension. I really like how the popcorn came out - it feels really fun.

I cut out slices of spare white daisy and glued them onto the front of the popcorn container, along with a sapphire oval and a white oval. I cut out the ovals with my cricut, but CTMH now has matching stitched oval thin cuts that you can cut out easier with the cuttlebug. After I got the popcorn container put together, I folded over a strip of the side and then glued that down to the white card base and used a paperclip to keep it together while the glue dried.

While that was going on, I cut out some movie tickets out of the white cardstock and stamped Ruby ink to tie in the popcorn container. So then I cut the Central Park paper into 4.25" x 5.5" rectangles and stamped the "now showing" at the top in archival black ink. After that dried, I glued it down over the red hinge, and then I used my bone folder to shape the movie tickets a little so that they would pop out. I added the small blue ticket border at the bottom and stamped more popcorn on the inside of the card. I really do love popcorn, but I am really proud of how the card came out!

I think almost everything is out of the New Seasonal Expressions book from Close to my Heart - it just debuted on May 1, so let me know if you want to check it out!

Movie Night Invite Card

by Barb Baldwin

Stamp Set:



Cranberry Ink Pad (Large movie tickets)

Sapphire Ink Pad ("Join Us" and little tickets)

Saffron Ink Pad (popcorn)




Bone Folder

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