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12 Weeks of {crafting} Christmas!

My insanely creative SIL and I worked hard to create a gorgeous set of tutorials for the Christmas holidays, and while it was fun to do, I'm so glad we finished! 😁 We worked hard to come up with ideas on how you can make 5 beautiful cards, 4 gifts and 3 gift wrapping/tags to celebrate the holiday season!

The projects all coordinate with the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas (if you space them out and do one craft a week, the holiday season tends to not be as crazy) and you can get the different crafts emailed to you FOR FREE if you sign up for the newsletter!

I'm really proud of what we've made and I'd love to share it with you - we've got the full-color PDF tutorial with ALL 12 projects available for purchase on my website in the shop, or you can sign up for the 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletter which will email out a craft each week.

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