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In This Together Special!

The last year has been a challenge, but I'm hopeful for the future - which is something that the new set from CTMH is trying to do, with a little humor.

When my great-aunt Bessie talked about the Spanish flu, if ever, it was pretty hushed and not something she wanted to talk about. I hope that it's a little different for this time - maybe we can learn from all the sacrifices we've all made, large or small, and I feel like if we all do a little to journal it or write out the story of what happened, it'll be a thing to help us remember in the future everything that went on. CTMH says that they want to include "...a variety of products to provide a platform to document all the memories made during these times of adjustment."

I thought that was a nice way to put it, but the set is a nice variety of colors and the stamp set is something that I hope will be able to use - I used the COVID Christmas stamps way too much, and this will be a nice variety.

I think I'm going to make a few cards with the stamp set - I have a couple of good ideas already on ways to use them. Plus there's a huge number of people that I miss seeing, so I'll be able to send them all "virtual hugs."

So this set, if you are interested, is available from Feb. 1 to March 31, 2021 on the virtual ctmh store here: In This Together set

The paper pack comes with or without stickers, and they've got the typical coordinating cardstock set so you don't need to buy full packs to have matching cardstock. CTMH also has a predesigned workshop for a 12x12 scrapbook set with a couple of cards out of the spare parts and a 6x8 scrapbook set with a bunch of pieces and parts all together as a kit, so after purchase all you need to do is download the instructions from the website and follow along.


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