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Scrapbooking & Crafting With Heart

Awhile ago, CTMH started a scrapbook subscription service and it's really changed how I think about scrapbooking and storytelling.

I signed up just to see what it was like - and I'm so happy I did. These kits really make it easy to craft something and do a little storytelling quickly and beautifully. You can put your own artistic touches on the pre-designed pages or build them as they are meant. When I started I was a beginner scrapbooker, I had always been more into making cards and papercrafts instead, and I feel like this subscription really helped me learn how to look at the pages and see how photos can fit and nice places to add in journaling and other touches.

More than anything, I like being able to sit down and do something quick and already planned out for me - if I'm overwhelmed with other stuff, it's nice how easily everything just goes together.



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