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Pencil in some macarons

New stamp sets usually require a little experimentation - you have to play around a little bit to find out if something will work together or not. Luckily, my experiments seem to have worked out great!

This time around, I wanted to see how the macaroons would look if I colored them in using colored pencils. I used my watercolor pencils - lately I've been in love with the look they have when you use a clear shimmer brush to even out the coloring, but that typically requires using the intense black or memento ink so that the lines don't run.

And I had already stamped my macarons in papaya ink, so I thought I would try out the colored pencils, and I have to say, I think it worked out fine! I have embellished the macarons with the glisten glitter glue (see the previous macaron post) but I really liked how sketch using the pencils worked.

For the background, I wanted to show off some of the new colors - Mulberry is used as a neutral in the background, and I took the time to distress Capri and Wild Berry a bit before adding them in off-centered from each other. A dovetailed white daisy scrap shows off the sentiment for this sweet note card.

For embellishment, I went simple and used Gold Glitter Gems, however, I think you should embellish as you desire - here's a list of the products used, please do reach out and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks & stay crafty!


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